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Do you ever experience digestive issues when you eat high fat meals? Constipation? Diarrhea? Meal just sits in your stomach?
Has your intense exercise or peak athletic performance taken a dip since you switched over to lower carbs?
Would you like to experience a new level of energy, mental clarity and focus without relying on stimulants?
how to speed up digestion

What is kApex® ?


kApex® is a one of digestive enzyme supplements designed to support people who are taking keto diet.
We observed that many people struggle with keto flu and digestive problems, which prevent them from fully benefiting from ketosis. Some people will be leaking of protein digeting enzyme ( lactase enzyme, pancreatic enzyme,...) after a few Keto Diet months (for not getting enough advice from the Keto Consultant)
What does this protein digesting enzyme can do?
kApex® is a 100% plant-based formulation that supports a smooth transition into ketosis and reduces potential side effects of keto-adaptatio. In other words, kApex® improve gut health by:
  • Providing the protein digesting enzymes that breaks down protein and fats, along with dandelion root to increase bile flow
  • Increasing mitochondrial function and fat burning pathway, which optimizes ketogenesis
  • Boosting energy, cognitive function, and stamina
  • Supporting healthy trace mineral levels
protein digesting enzyme
FIRST, kApex® with the protein digesting enzyme helps break down the fat you eat into tiny fatty acids.
protein digesting enzyme
SECOND, kApex® assists in the transport of those fatty acids to your liver and your mitochondria and then the protein digesting enzyme burns them up at an accelerated rate.
protein digesting enzyme
THIRD, by enhancing digestion and metabolic/energy function, kApex® helps you SMASH through any fat loss plateaus.
improve gut health| how to speed up digestion
digestive aid| digestive tablets

The first and formost important kApex benefit

Mitochondrial/Energy Production/Fat Burning Support
L-carnitine helps bring fatty acids into the mitochondria, which may help with fat loss
Ubiquinone (CoQ10) reduces oxidative stress and boosts mitochondria function, which have anti-aging effects
InnoslimⓇ increases the AMPK pathway, which increases energy production in fat and muscle tissues.
Extracts of astragalus and Panax notoginseng in InnoslimⓇ and AstrazymeTM work as energy-boosting adaptogens. They boost brain function, combat fatigue, maintain metabolism, and promote performance in stressful situations, such as keto-adaptation.
7-keto DHEA promotes fat burning metabolism through PPAR-alpha. It also supports healthy metabolism and promotes weight loss in combination with diet and exercise.
Trace minerals provide cofactors for metabolism and digestion

protein digesting enzyme _ kApex benefits

Improve gut health
Many new ketogenic eaters experience digestive upset from consuming a lot of fat because they start off with a suboptimal digestive process. kApex® contains betaine HCl, proteases, lipase, and dandelion root that promotes optimal digestion and prevents such digestive upset with high-fat meals.
Support Muscle Building and Maintenance
Ketogenic diets include much less protein than a typical bodybuilder’s meal. You may also be in a caloric deficit and unable to train as hard. These factors may make it harder to preserve and build muscles. A key to preserving muscles and exercise performance throughout keto-adaptation is to ensure that the proteins you eat count. The proteases (protein digesting enzyme) in kApex® ensure that all the proteins you eat are fully broken down, so that the amino acids are absorbed.
The dandelion root stimulates bile production, whereas lipases that are active at varying acidity ensure that the fats are fully broken down.
Improve Energy, Cognitive Function, and Well-Being
Many new keto eaters experience keto flu, which include temporary fatigue, brain fog, and decreases in performance. Keto-adaptation calls upon your stress response system to provide energy before your body can optimally burn ketones for energy. kApex® addresses these sticking points with energizing ingredients in InnoSlim, 7-keto DHEA, and trace minerals. These ingredients energize you by speeding up your metabolism and working as adaptogens to support your stress response system. Even when you are keto-adapted but have yet to reach full metabolic-flexibility for high-intensity exercise performance, the energizing ingredients in kApex® can help bridge the gap.
Increase Fat Burning For Energy
Your mitochondria is the fat burning furnace inside your cells. Poor mitochondrial function can cause fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and make for a more challenging transition into a keto diet.
kApex®, the digestive enzyme supplement, supports your mitochondria function with L-carnitine, CoQ10, and Innoslim.
Improve Sensitivity to Important Blood Sugar Regulating Hormones and Promote Healthy Blood Lipids
The synergistic components in Innoslim increase the glucose transporter 4 (Glut4) to the surface of your fat and muscle cells, increasing the amount of glucose these cells absorb. Therefore, kApex® can ensure that glucose and other nutrients reach your muscle cells and help them grow, even in the environment of low-carb or ketogenic diets.
Promote a Balanced Immune Response
The synergistic components in kApex®, including Innoslim and Astrazyme, promote a balanced immune response.
Keto diets typically have an anti-aging effect by boosting the mitochondria, while reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.
kApex® augments these benefits by optimizing the mitochondria, promoting balanced inflammation and stress responses, and reducing oxidative stress.
Cholesterol and Triglyceride
By stimulating the AMPK enzyme, Innoslim inhibits cholesterol and triglyceride synthesis in the liver. Also, since cholesterol increases with inflammation, reducing inflammation tends to reduce cholesterol. The herbal ingredients and systemic enzymes in Astrazyme and Innoslim promote a balanced inflammatory response. Therefore, Innoslim may promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels in combination with diet and exercise.

How does the kApex® work ?

how improve digestive system| how to improve gut health

How kApex® Solves Virtually Every Digestive Problem With Keto, Paleo And Low Carb Diets ?

First is enhanced fat digestion by protein digesting enzyme. The proprietary LIP4TM blend of 4 lipases (the enzymes that break down protein) in kApex® dissolve fats into easily burnable fatty acids. This special blend breaks down the dietary fats you eat in a variety of pH levels. Increasing fat digestion from 15 to 45 percent.

In a study in which people ate high-fat food, patients who supplemented with lipase enzymes experienced significant reductions in bloating, gas, and fullness compared to those taking a placebo.

It fully unleashes your ability to digest and break down high-fat meals - and you'll notice an immediate lift in your energy after high-fat meals the first time you take it. More on this incredible energy in a moment.

how improve digestive system

KApex® Also Fixes Your Protein Digestion, Helping You Avoid Bloating And Weight Gain

It's easy to over-consume protein on a Keto diet. And this leads to major challenges - from compromised gut health... insulin spiking... weight gain... and even accelerated aging.

The Tri-Phase Protease Blend in kApex® breaks down protein you're eating into absorbable amino acids. Then up to 66% more aminos get transported through the intestinal tract thanks to a special nutrient called Astrazyme®
You can consume 200 grams of protein a day, but if you're only breaking down 50%... and only half of that goes through the intestinal tract...
... then you're WASTING 75% of the protein you're consuming!
This is how kApex® helps you maximize muscle gains and recovery from your workouts.
The protease has profound anti-aging benefits as well because protein accumulation in the cells is currently believed to be the number killer of supercentenarians (people that live over 100).
So breaking down your protein into amino acids is a very important thing if you want to live a long healthy life.
how improve digestive system

KApex® Replenishes Key Elements You Lack For Strong Digestion

We included HCL (hydrochloric acid - which is stomach acid) in kApex® to assist the lipase and protease in breaking down those essential macronutrients.
Most people's natural HCL starts dropping in their 30s and creates many digestive issues including heartburn and GERD. If you want good digestion, this must be fixed.
Earlier, you also learned about bile (which is secreted from the liver and gallbladder to emulsify fat). Bile is vital in fat digestion.
That's why we included dandelion root in order to stimulate your bile flow needed for high-fat meals... so you further maximize the breakdown of fats into usable fatty acids.

kApex® Gives You Focused Energy And Drive For 6-10 Hours

Last but not least, we've included a patented ingredient called InnoSlim® to increase this formula's ability to help burn fatty acids by 100% inside the mitochondria.
Mitochondria are the "energy factories" of the cell. They act like a mini digestive system which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy-rich molecules for your cells to use.
Simply stated, kApex® breaks your dietary fat into fatty acids and then burns them up at a highly accelerated rate.

An Extra 12 Pounds Of Fat Burned In One Year...

enzyme that breaks down protein| digestive aid

From Just ONE INGREDIENT In kApex®

This is due to the greatly increased levels of fat-burning enzymes in the liver as well as the elevation of the thyroid hormone. These beneficial changes are known to boost basal metabolic rate, making it easier to shed excess pounds.
Protein Digesting Supplements with 7-Keto can therefore help reverse the decline in metabolic rate that makes it so easy to put on weight as we age.
Unlike caffeine and ephedrine, 7-Keto does not have a central nervous system stimulating effect caused by noradrenaline release, nor does 7-Keto increase heart rate or blood pressure.
Finally there's L-Carnitine. One analysis of mostly obese individuals and older adults found that people lost an average of 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg) more weight while taking L-carnitine.
One study of people with type 2 diabetes taking anti-diabetic medication indicated that carnitine supplements significantly reduced blood sugar levels, compared to a placebo.
how to speed up digestion|digestive aid
how to speed up digestion|digestive aid
how to speed up digestion|digestive aid
how to speed up digestion
how to speed up digestion
How many capsules in a kApex® bottle?
The kApex® bottle contains 120 capsules.
What is the shelf life for kApex®?
Why does kApex® need to be refrigerated once opened?
When is the best time to take kApex®?
Do you have to follow a keto diet to take kApex®?
What is the kApex® contraindication?


protein digesting enzyme| improve gut health
how to speed up digestion| digestive aid
how to speed up digestion| digestive aid

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